My work as a coach, consultant or workshop leader has made a difference for people at these organizations: 

My work as a coach, consultant or workshop leader has made a difference for people in these organizations:

Feedback from some of my clients:

“I had recently been promoted to an executive role in an area that I actually did not have a lot of experience. My manager suggested that I get a mentor to help me navigate my new waters and I ended up meeting Mary Finlay. That was the beginning of a very valuable experience where Mary helped me develop my group strategy, communicate effectively with my peers and team and realize areas where I needed to focus. I appreciated Mary’s sharing of her experiences and relating those to my own situations. She has an innate ability to listen and ask questions that enabled me to see where I was challenged. Mary’s positive reinforcement of my areas of strength kept me focused on my ability to achieve, too.  My relationship with Mary proved to be a very positive influence on my career. I would definitely recommend Mary as a professional mentor.”

-Vice President Information Technology

“Mary is a talented professional whose understanding of health care, information technology and people blend beautifully with an understanding of the changing landscape of healthcare and healthcare IT. Her support helped me find the confidence to transition from the health care delivery setting to the healthcare IT setting and helped me recognize my own strengths to frame them for moving into the IT space. I could not recommend Mary more highly, she is down-to-earth, accessible, enthusiastic and intuitive when it comes to the trends going on in healthcare technology and helping people navigate this exciting field.”

Senior Account Executive, Athenahealth

“Several years ago, I was fortunate to have Mary identified as my mentor at Partners Healthcare System as part of a career development program. I initially thought that someone in her position would give some obligatory generic advice and call it a day, having fulfilled her obligation. I could not have been more wrong. Mary not only took her time with me and really gave actionable advice, but she shared her own experiences, good and bad. Not only that – she actually cares. She has become a friend and mentor in the truest sense of the word. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Mary’s help and guidance, I would not be where I am today.”
Chief Information Officer, Lynn Community Health Center

“Mary is one of the rare career strategists that listens, understands, empathizes, and then delivers advice that challenges you to be your best. Then she holds you to it! A rare capability indeed, Mary is able to distill key insights from her career and her work with others, and convey them in simple and compelling terms. Big ideas to ponder, but also concrete suggestions for you to apply immediately.”
-CIO, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

“Mary was instrumental in helping me navigate my early post-MBA career. I was looking for guidance in how to move past being an individual contributor to management in a new industry. She listened and mindfully offered guidance to me to help me see the bigger picture. She also gave me the confidence to pursue the path ahead. I couldn’t be where I am today without her insight and talent as a mentor and coach.”
-Program Manager, Boston Children’s Hospital

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